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Name:Three-phase four wire Electronic Watt-hour Meter

  • Three-phase four wire Electronic Watt-hour Meter
    Product Description:

    Three-phase static active watt-hour meter is designed for measuring active energy by connecting to industrial power supply system, which has firm structure, good appearance and wide practicability. It has high reliability for the adoption of large-scale integrating and SMT technology . We can design the meter with different functions according to user requirement, so it can be wildly utilized in transmission & distribution system and Automatic meter reading system.
    Basic functions
    Accumulative bi-directional active energy measurement;
    One register displays energy value;
    LED operation indicator;
    LED indicator for power failure;(for 4 wire meter)
    Passive pulse output with optical coupling isolation;
    Optional functions
    RS-485 and infrared interface;
    Store total energy of each last 12 months;
    Active total energy frozen by broadcasting frozen command;
    Transformer connected;
    LCD displays energy value.
    Technical Data
    Applicable Standard: IEC 61036-2000
    Power loss: less than 1.5W or 2VA
    Working temperature: -30℃~+65℃
    Working voltage range: 0.7~1.2Un
    Accuracy class: class1,class2
    starting current: less than 0.005Ib

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