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Name:Single-phase Prepayment Kwh Meter

  • Single-phase Prepayment Kwh Meter
    Product Description:
    single phase prepaid electronic meter, briefly named as single-phase intelligent card watt-hour meter, is used for measuring single-phase AC active energy with rated frequency of 50Hz to realize using electric power after prepayment. The product adopts CPU card (named as smart card) and advanced micro-electronic technique to collect, process and memorize data. Its technical performances are complying with the requirements of national standards of IEC62053-21,IEC62052-11. It has strong function of preventing the meter from decoding, compatibility as well as features of small size, light weight and high reliability.
    Work principle
    There are two basic function modules in the meter separately named the energy metering module and the MPU controller module. The energy-metering module adopts well-selected special integrated circuits as will send the pules frequency to the MPU to accumulate the consumption of the electric.
    The MPU controller module transfers message between the prepaid card and the port of card to realize the prepaid metering function and other appointed function.
    The working principle of DDSY that has basic functions is as follows:
    Basic functions
    1. Bi-directional active energy measurement
    2. LED display or LCD display
    3. Pulse output with optical -coupling isolated
    4. Over-load alarm
    5. Precaution alarm
    6. Power down alarm
    7. Purchase reminding
    Technical Data
    Technical Data
    Applicable Standard    IEC61036-2000
    Service Lifetime  10years
    Accuracy Class  Class1,Class2
    Working temperature     -30~+65
    Working voltage range  0.7~12Un
    Power loss       less than 2w or 10VA

    Rated voltage
    Reference Frequency
    class1, class2
    Basic Current
    (Maximum current) A
    Or design other specified meter


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